Corporate Finance and Investment Consulting

Spanning a variety of disciplines and wide range of geographic, industries , market capitalizations and styles , our equity investment approaches are designed to help meet many client needs. We believe that fostering autonomy while ensuring a highly collaborative environment better enables us to pursue strong long term results for our clients.

We do provide one stop solutions for :

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO);
  • Reverse Takeover ( RTO);
  • Merger and Acquisition ( M&A);
  • Asset Acquisition;
  • Business Regularization Plan ;
  • Issuance of Bonds , Commercial Papers and Medium-term Notes;
  • Information Memorandum for sourcing of funds and investments;
  • Independent business and intellectual property valuation;
  • Commercial due diligence;
  • Business Continuity Management - BCM
To streamline our clients ready in their financial and investment activities.